About Sheri

Sheri Schouten has more than 30 years of experience as a public health nurse. Sheri has spent a lifetime helping families in Oregon raise healthy children.

Her expertise led her to be appointed by the Governor to the Oregon Commission on Women where she can help shape family-friendly policies.

Sheri has been a proud resident of Washington County her whole life, and this is where Sheri and her late first husband decided to raise their growing family.

Sheri’s first husband passed away after an illness, leaving her to raise her 3 young sons as a single parent. It wasn’t easy, but thanks to a good union job and benefits as well as a supportive community, Sheri was able to provide for her family. Her sons are now all grown and are proud college graduates.

Sheri recently remarried Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten. Sheri and Dick live in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Beaverton.

Helping families like hers not just get by but get ahead is the reason Sheri Schouten ran for State Representative in the first place.

She works every day to be a strong voice for laws that help promote a better work-family balance, quality public education, affordable college tuition, access to health care, and a healthy natural environment.




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