It’s my honor to serve you and work to make Oregon an even better place to raise a family.

Last year, I was proud to have championed the Student Success Act that will improve public schools across our state. I also led efforts to give people a way to dispose of potentially dangerous medications—like opioids—through an innovative medicine takeback program in cooperation with local pharmacies.
I’m now working on a bill to cap out-of-pocket prescription costs for insulin. And I look forward to hearing from you so, together, we can take care of Oregon families.

If you need to contact my legislative office, please call (503) 986-1427, or send us an email to

 I can't wait to hear your ideas for a better Oregon.

-Sheri Schouten

For Sheri Schouten, it’s all about taking care of Oregon families.

With more than 30 years of experience as a public health nurse, Sheri understands what families need to grow and thrive:

>Good-paying jobs that can support a family

>Great public schools that allow all children to succeed

>A healthy environment with clean air and water

That’s why as State Representative, Sheri works hard every day to make sure every Oregon family has what it will take to get ahead—not simply get by.

Join Sheri’s campaign today. Help her take good care of Oregon’s families.



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Sheri's Priorities

Healthy Public Schools

Education is the gateway to opportunity, and the driving force behind a strong, diverse, and vibrant economy. That is why Sheri was proud to work to pass the groundbreaking Student Success Act. The SSA will ensure our public schools can improve graduation rates, reduce classroom overcrowding, retain the best teachers, and help students prepare and train for the careers of the future.

Sheri has also worked to expand STEAM programs—science, technology, engineering, art, and math— in our schools, and she has helped make investing in Career and Technical Education (CTE) a priority again.

A Healthy Economy

We know that a strong, healthy economy is the result of creative entrepreneurs, a fair, safe, work environment, and a skilled workforce. Representative Schouten has consistently supported innovative solutions to the challenges of a 21st-century economy and measures that ensure a fair, equitable workplace.

Sheri was proud to have worked to pass Oregon’s new paid family leave law—considered the most progressive law of its kind in the country. She also pushed for a new law to guarantee that all employees receive equal pay for equal work and to pass legislation that protects workers from wage theft. Representative Schouten also pushed for a new law that empowers state-run small business development centers to use grant funding to support small businesses with outreach and marketing.

Healthy, Safe Communities

Sheri knows nothing matters more than ensuring the health and safety of our families and our communities. That’s why she led the fight to pass a statewide drug takeback program. This law makes it possible for people to safely dispose of unused prescription medication—including potentially deadly opioids—and make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Sheri also knows fighting Climate Change is the defining issue of our time. That’s why Sheri will continue to champion a Cap and Invest bill and will keep working to work to reduce our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and prioritize investments in clean energy development.


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