Healthy Education

Education is the gateway to opportunity, and the driving force behind a strong, diverse, and vibrant economy. That is why Sheri supported HB 2845 (2017) which made the Oregon the first state in the country to include ethnic studies in our public-school curriculum, recognizing and honoring the significant contributions made to our state and nation by communities of color. Sheri knows that a strong public-school system is necessary to move Oregon forward, which is why she will continue to fight for strong STEM programs, increased investments in our Career and Technical Education (CTE), and smaller class sizes so that our kids and teachers get the support in the classroom that they need to be successful.

Healthy Economy

We know that a strong, healthy economy is the result of creative entrepreneurs, a fair, safe, work environment, and a skilled workforce. Representative Schouten has consistently supported innovative solutions to the challenges of a 21st century economy, and measures that ensure a fair, equitable workplace, such as HB 2005 (2017), which guarantees that all employees receive equal pay for equal work, HB 3008 (2017), which protects workers from wage theft, and HB 2152 (2017), which empowers state-run small business development centers to use grant funding to support small businesses with outreach and marketing.

 Healthy Environment

Oregon is renowned for its natural beauty. Today it is more important than ever that our public policy recognize that we must strike a thoughtful balance between using our natural resources responsibly to provide for the needs of today while preserving our forests, lakes, valleys, rivers, mountains, and coast for future generations to enjoy. That is why Sheri cosponsored SB 1008 (2017) to phase out dirty, polluting diesel engines from circulation, and SB 1070 (2017) the Clean Energy Job bill to help transition Oregon away from fossil fuels to a green energy economy.



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